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Data Warehouse as a Service (DaaS) in MS BI Stack

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Fast track data warehouse architecture and parallel data warehouse are two entirely different kinds of solutions but targeting a common domain of data warehousing. As SaaS solution is not available in MS BI Stack, similarly DaaS solution is also not available in MS BI Stack. If these kind of solutions are made available on private cloud solutions like Windows Azure Appliance Solution, a DaaS kind of offering can be made available on Microsoft platform. I am not sure if this would be of interest to Microsoft, but in my views, this is definitely of interest to solution provider kind of organizations. I feel that combining Azure and MS BI Stack, Microsoft has all the raw material that is required to develop SaaS or DaaS solutions, but the integration part is missing.

One of the leaders in DaaS solution is Kognitio. Enterprises are looking for on-demand services, and Azure can be seen as the first step in this direction. And whether it's for self-service business intelligence or data warehousing, there is a huge market for each of these solutions and microsoft is eagerly awaited to make entry into these (SaaS and/or DaaS) markets. Integrating MS BI on cloud would not be simple, and again making the same available in the form of service would change the existing MS BI markets. Not only that, solution providers would also have to adapt to this change, and look at a completely Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) solution proposition.

Below is an excerpt from Kognitio DaaS page, to which I fully agree.
  • DaaS solves several issues that are common within the data analytics industry. Most notably, the inability to prove business value from data warehousing and analytics projects before spending large capital sums of money.

  • DaaS allows you to run your large-scale data analytics projects (marketing campaigns, business reporting etc) and you simply pay on a pay-per-use basis. There is no overhead of implementing a data warehouse onsite, there is no need for your IT department to service, maintain and support the database and its users.

More about Kognitio and the services offered by this company can be read from here.


Raunak Jhawar said...

Hi Siddharth,

The article on Intelligent Conditional Split and DaaS were really good. Apprecitae.

I am curious, have you encountered any practical implementation of DaaS across industry


Siddharth Mehta said...

I have worked for multi-national clients, through Indian solution providers. Generally solution providers pick up projects where they require consultants to develop, maintain and support systems. Rarely you would see a soln provider using third party products. When clients specifically ask for DaaS, and if soln provider has an in-house DaaS ready product/service/framework, you would encounter such a project.

Also DaaS would generally mean that the business using DaaS is not using DW regularly, and most of such business or business units would be volatile / small-and-medium businesses.

To answer your question, I have personally not been evident or part of any DaaS solution in my career till date, but I have heard quite often of such solutions. You can read case studies on Kognitio website, to get info about clients that use DaaS.

benslin kard said...

Cassandra being more suitable for real time transaction processing and the serving of interactive data.

Negi said...

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