Thursday, August 05, 2010

Spatial Data Resources

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Spatial data is one of the valued enhancements since SQL Server 2008. SSMS has also been enhanced to support viewing of spatial data. But still there are limitations on how you create spatial data, and generating Well Known Text (WKT) is something that can be done only visually. Visual tools are needed, using which one can draw shapes or plot points / shapes on locations and the WKT should get generated. For viewing WKT one can also use the spatial results tab in SSMS.

Two of the most useful resources for generating WKT by visually generating or pointing shapes for spatial or geospatial data are Mike Ormond's SQL Server 2008 Geospatial Data Generator and the newly released Spatial Viewer utility on codeplex by Simon Sabin. This spatial viewer is a C# application that is intended to create WKT out of the drawn shapes and vice-versa too. I have not tried this application, but this is definitely a valued utility. If this can be made to integrate in SSMS, it would serve as one of the most valued application as of now for spatial data support in SSMS.

Spatial Viewer Utility

Image Courtesy: Simon Sabin's Blog

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