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Sharepoint 2010 with limited features on the cloud without BI support = Sharepoint 2010 Online

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Microsoft Business Productivity Online Suite (BPOS) is a collection of products that are available on the cloud. These products are Exchange Online, Sharepoint Online, Office Livemeeting and Office Communications Online. These products / services are available in Standard and Dedicated edition. Standard version is a shared services platform and Dedicated edition provides an isolated and dedicated server space in the cloud. Microsoft has made office web apps available for free usage on sky drive, and during the later part of this year, office web apps is also expected to be available on the cloud. This is a complete SaaS offering from Microsoft.

Being a MS BI professional, my interest goes specially in Sharepoint online. Presently it's based on Sharepoint 2007 platform, so it can be easily interpreted that it won't have features like Access Services and Performancepoint Services. During the later half of this year, Sharepoint online is going to be upgraded on Sharepoint 2010 platform. This immediately raises a curiosity in my mind, whether Performancepoint Services and Access Services would be made available in this version. Microsoft has though not officially confirmed anything (to the best of my knowledge), but several Microsoft as well as unofficial sources have confirmed that performancepoint services is definitely not going to be a part of Sharepoint 2010 online. This means an end to the scope of dashboard development and hosting on the cloud.

Access Services may or may not be made available on Sharepoint 2010 online. One interesting feature of Access Services is Web databases. If Access services and effectively creation of web databases on the cloud is made available in sharepoint 2010 online, this can be seen as one of the competition / alternative to SQL Azure. My mind raises a question that when I have capabilities of sharepoint 2010 (though limited) available in the cloud, with web databases facilitated through access services, how many chances are there that I would opt Windows Azure storage and SQL Azure against Sharepoint 2010 online ? In fact, news are that Sharepoint 2010 online might be made available on Azure platform.

In short, Sharepoint 2010 online diminishes the hope and scope of BI by eliminating performancepoint services. Those who are curious to learn more about Sharepoint online can download Microsoft Sharepoint Online Standard Developer Guide. Though it's quite old and there can be changes in the present offerings, but still it would provide a deep insight into Sharepoint Online features.

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The BPOS Rocks blog does indicate that Performance Point services will be part of the 2010 release of SharePoint online:

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