Friday, June 18, 2010

Price of SQL Server depends upon the license : Microsoft Licensing Video Tutorial

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Microsoft Licensing is a book of economics in itself and to be honest I almost get confused every time I think of licensing. I see many professionals searching on the web with queries like " Price of SQL Server in India / United States / United Kingdom / Australia ". Actually the key to figuring out the price depends upon the kind of license you want to buy. Microsoft has got a lot and lot of variety in licensing, and when you are working for a business intelligence project especially on the estimation part while planning of the solution, licensing needs to be figured out not just for SQL Server but for a lot of other products like Microsoft Office, Microsoft Sharepoint, Microsoft SQL Server and others.

Most of database or business intelligence professionals do have a fair idea of the versions of SQL Server, but version defines the feature set and depending upon that the price varies. But that is just the beginning point of the licensing part. The kind of purpose for which you intend to use the product, number of machines, nature of industry, scope of use of the product and many such factors like these are applied to derive the final license that fits your needs. It's always good to have a fair idea of Microsoft licensing framework in mind as it can help greatly if you care about the pocket of your organization and effectively yours too.

Resources that explain Microsoft licensing are limited, and a video tutorial on the same is like a dream come true. And here is where you make it a reality. Download this video tutorial which is a recording of a Microsoft UK Tech-Ed where Microsoft Licensing is explained in great depth. After you have understood in-depth detailed meaning of Microsoft Licensing terminologies, it would be beneficial to download and read Microsoft SQL Server Licensing Guide which should help to derive the correct license you need, effectively helping you to figure out your final aim of finding out the price or cost of SQL Server in your country.

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