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Impact of SSRS in solution design

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When I was a taking my baby steps in MS BI, I used to think that SSRS is not that influencing in the overall constituency of the solution. And considering the potential and capabilities of other competitive reporting products like Crystal or Business Objects, it's very easy to overlook the importance of SSRS. Over the period of time, my maturity as well as potential and influence of SSRS on different MS BI and Sharepoint components has also increased, and I believe that it would be a careless strategy to underestimate the potential and/or influence of SSRS. Below are some quick points which would justify how wide is the integration of SSRS with Microsoft and Sharepoint components.

1) Report Builder tool empower business users to create reports, and this reporting is catered by SSRS. I feel that it's the only tool in MS BI stack that has the capability of providing self-service business intelligence to users.

2) SSRS is exposed as a webservice, and for this reason SSIS and other applications that has the potential to use webservices can use it for generating reports.

3) Using ReportViewer control from, applications can view reports hosted on report server.

4) SSRS works in Sharepoint integrated mode, and Sharepoint 2010 has got a broad integration with SSRS. Sharepoint lists are even available as data source for SSRS, and the AJAX report viewer / Reportviewer webpart in Sharepoint facilitates viewing of the report.

5) Access Services in Sharepoint 2010 uses Reporting Services as it's processing engine when data from access services is published as a report.

6) Performancepoint Services 2010 can use SSRS reports as one of it's constituent elements for making up a corporate dashboard.

7) One of the best and only suitable way of representing data to the business users from a data warehouse and/or cube (in my viewpoint) is by means of a report.

So when you plan development and deployment strategy of SSRS, I feel that above points should be kept in view.

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