Wednesday, July 01, 2009

MDX Generator - PTPower Excel 2007 Add-In

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One of the most fantastic add-in that I have seen in recent times, I am going to introduce it right now. I find it amazing due to the value it brings to MDX development. I have come across too many MDX aspirants who want to learn the same. I have found too less tools that can help in MDX debugging. This add-in has two great striking features, one is it comes for free and second is that it can extract MDX from aggregations. It's built upon ADOMD.Net that's a part of SQL Server 2008 feature pack.

PTPower is an Excel 2007 Add-In that lets you view the MDX and/or create Calculated Members for pivot tables based on Analysis Services (2005 or 2008) cubes. Thou I have not used/tested this add-in, but if it lives upto what it states, I give it a 5-star.

Reference: Andrew Fryer's Blog

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Anonymous said...

A similar add-in to also check out is OLAP PivotTable Extensions:

Looks like PTPower has a more user-friendly UI for designing calcs, but OLAP PivotTable Extensions has a couple of other great features like searching cubes.

Glad to see more activity in this space!

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