Thursday, July 02, 2009

MDX Debugging : OLAP PivotTable Extensions

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In the spaceo of MDX debugging from the OLAP client side, one of the hidden gem (from my eyes) got discovered by me, when one of the reader of my blog posted a comment on my previous post. The this gem is knows as "OLAP Pivot Table Extensions".

Out of sone of the striking features of this add-inl, one is "If a PivotTable is performing poorly or returning incorrect numbers, it may be necessary for the Analysis Services administrator to troubleshoot the MDX query which the PivotTable is using. The MDX tab of the OLAP PivotTable Extensions dialog shows you this MDX". This add-in also has quite a number of limitations too and it has a great potential for improvement. But the value that it provides, that too for free is very similar to PTPower and interesting. It has some of the features which PTPower is missing.

I feel that PWPower + OLAP PivotTable Extensions used together, can make one's experience on debugging issues from the client end (i.e. excel as a client or consumer of Analysis Services) much warmer.


Giorgio said...

I've installed Ptpower on a system where I had installed Olap PivtTable Extensions too. I'm not able to see the Ptpower ribbon on my excel. Perhaps the tools don't work together?

Siddharth said...

It should not be the case, but check if you need to add it explicitly on the ribbon by add/remove buttons. Try uninstalling the previous one, and then install PtPower again, and if you are able to see the same on the ribbon, then you are correct. In that case you might want to raise it as a bug on the product page of PtPower.

Giorgio said...

found the problem: Vista policy. If I run the setup program as admin the installer put the files into the administrator settings folder. I had to give the administrator access to the user and run the setup as user...

Another question: It's possible ti save the mdx calculation build with PTpower into the cube with a procedure?

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