Tuesday, June 23, 2009

SQL Server Tools : Qure Product Review

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Today I received an email from Ami Levin. He is a SQL Server MVP and having an experience of working more than a decade on SQL Server. He introduced me to a product called "Qure".

I went through the product information page of Qure, and found that it focuses on 4 areas for SQL Server Performance Optimization. They are as below:

1) Smart Indexing - Create, Drop and Modify Indexes for Best Overall Performance
Details can be found on product page.

My View: The product page says that Qure has a patented algorithm which they call as Smart Indexing, which suggests code and places where indexes should be changed. I would like to review and compare, how better is this than Index Tuning Wizard or Database Tuning Wizard results. If it's better than that, may be Microsoft should have review theirs.

2) Query Syntax Optimization
Details can be found on product page.

My View: This is one of nice feature which I like, provided it results in better performance. Generally it's not feasible to change lots of code in production, as there are a lot of approval cycles that goes on. And if just for syntax if I am asked for an approval of modifying 100 objects, I won't approve it. But for example changing 35-50 odd objects can reap me at least 5% performance gain, I would be more than happy to see it happening.

By using a kind of work-around on DBPro this can be achieved. But it won't tell you the performance gain.

3) Schema Optimization
Details can be found on product page.

My View: This feature is like combining data profiling capabilities of SSIS with Database Tuning Advisor. This really makes me curious of exploring, how effective this feature is. If it works to my expectation, it can revolutionize database modeling.

4) Additional Optimizations
Details can be found on product page.

My View: I would like to compare performance of this feature with that of Best Practices Analyzer tool.

By and large, it seems like this is a big thing in a small package. Pricing of this product in alignment with the features offered seems to be a high, compared to Quest software products. Allow me some time to evaluate and compare it with other tools and I would be back with results shortly.

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