Monday, July 06, 2009

Default Settings in SQL Server 2008

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While working with SQL Server 2008, one of the areas that Microsoft needs to improve upon is the default settings of controls / components.

Take example of For Each Loop container in SSIS 2008. By default the For Each File Enumerator is the default selection. But if you look at the details section, you won't find any details specific to this enumerator. In order to get the details in this section, you need to select some other enumerator and then re-select it to see the details. Ideally, there should be nothing selected in the Enumerator list or in case the details section should have the details of the Enumerator selected by default.

One another example is of SQL Server Management studio. By default the setting remains that it allows you to create a table, but due to a default setting, it won't allow you to save changes. It is very common and obvious for anyone to make changes to the design of a database object. It is very strange that on the first hand it allows you to create a table or database object in general, which in my opinion it should not if it has then to stop you from modifying the design thou the person being the owner of the database object.

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