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Elasticsearch Tutorial - Questions - Download Elasticsearch GUI Tools - Part 2

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Elasticsearch has a very simple installation mechanism. It requires JVM installed on the host OS, and execute elasticsearch.bat file to kick start the same. To consider integrating products like elasticsearch, there are often requirements where front-end tools are required. Some of such requirements are mentioned below:

1) How to import data in bulk from existing data repositories like Excel files, SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, DB2, MongoDB, and others.

2) How to visually explore data stored in elasticsearch using GUI tools ?

3) How to equip support and monitoring teams with required tools for their day to day operations ?

4) How to equip analyst with tools for executing ad-hoc search queries on data stored in elasticsearch ?

Elasticsearch has a mechanism to support interoperability using a feature called plugins. Plugins can be installed using a simple plugin command. Elasticsearch supports a number of plugins and a huge number of plugins are supported by community. An exhaustive list of such plugins are listed here.

If you are new to Elasticsearch, and just setting up your development environment, below is the list of some of the plugins that you might particularly find useful to speed up your development process.

1) Elasticsearch GUI - A web based elasticsearch administration console written in AngularJS.

2) Elastichead - A web based front-end for elasticsearch, that lets you browse data in a tabular format, provides interface to see metadata, and lets your fire ad-hoc queries.

3) Elasticsearch HQ - A web based elasticsearch monitoring and management console for instances and clusters.

4) Bigdesk - A web based elasticsearch plugin that allows to monitor a huge list of performance counters using charts and graphs.

5) Elasticsearch segmentspy - A web based elasticsearch plugin that specializes in monitoring segment relates features like merges, additions, deletes etc.

6) Elasticsearch whatson A web based elasticsearch plugin that specializes in providing comparative analysis of data stored across indices, shards, nodes and cluster.

7) Elasticsearch FS River Elasticsearch plugin to bulk import content. Though this plugin has got a few bugs open, but still for a one time bulk import it is very useful. With some fixes and workarounds, this plugin can be used to warehouse huge amount of context into elasticsearch.

8) Marvel - A commerical monitoring and analytics tool from elasticsearch.

9) Elasticsearch JDBC River - Elasticsearch plugin to bulk import data from variety of systems into elasticsearch. If wisely used, this is the most useful plugin to start pumping data into elasticsearch.

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