Friday, January 14, 2011

Farewell to Capgemini

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Today was my last working day with Capgemini, and I would be heading on with new challenges in my career with my next employer. I am reserving the name of my new employer till the time I join them. I would be on a vacation of 1 week and would be joining on 24-Jan-2011.

It has been a huge journey of 3.5+ yrs of association with Capgemini, and during this time I came across many many people from Capgemini. It's not possible to meet everyone and greet bye in person. So I would like to request all of my ex-colleagues from Capgemini, to accept this post as my humble parting wishes to all of you.

I have been a very huge admirer of the movie "Pursuit of Happyness". Some of the dialogues in this movie are the philosophy that has been driving my life and career. "Do not let anyone tell you that you cannot do it. BCoz people can't do it, they tell that you can't do it. If you have got a dream, you need to protect it. You need to nurture it and fight for it." I have encountered various circumstances in my personal life and professional career where I had to make hard choices to protect my dream, and parting with Capgemini has been one of them. And this hard choices comes at a cost, one needs to go through tough times, sufferings and hard-work too without that guarantee that it would pay-off positively. I personally believe that once you have readiness to face the worst, capability to assess your strengths, target clearly defined in mind, right attitude and aptitude to reach your goals; I feel even if you do not achieve 100% of what you targeted, you would at least make 80% of it. One can discount the rest of 20% on luck.

In an environment full of noise, if you whisper no one would hear you. To get that attention and make yourself heard, you need to shout. I believe that I have the capability to make my shout that loud, so I am heading on to bigger challenges in my career. My sincere thanks to all who have helped / guided / supported me throughout my career in Capgemini.

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