Saturday, November 06, 2010

Non MS BI Data Sources in a BI or MS BI solution

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When someone tells me that integration is quite easy, you just pick up a source, a destination perform import-export, and you are done. I generally reply with a smile. Many products declare that they support reading data from almost any industry standard database / data formats. But sometimes one thought must have struck all of us that is there any standard list of such databases or data file formats. Being a MS BI / Microsoft platform professional, I know and have worked with database like SQL Server and data file formats like MS Access, Excel, XML, RSS Feeds etc. I have even worked with data sources like Oracle and SAP, when we have a solution that involves tools and/or technologies from various providers like Microsoft, IBM, Oracle etc.

Keeping a tab on competition is my characteristic as well as need of my profession, and any of us who have been working with solution provider organizations must have come across situations where we need to use MS BI with non microsoft databases or data-sources. Here is a list compiled by me, and though it's not exhaustive, it provides a large slice of the entire ecosystem. Please feel free to add to it to make the list complete. Whether small or big, each item on the below list has it's own market share in it's own platform with it's target user base. This list is quite handy to have, when some product vendor says that they support all industry standard databases or when someone says that integration / migration of data from source A to destination B is a play.

1) SQL Server
2) Oracle
3) IBM DB2
4) MySQL
5) Sybase
6) Informix
7) PostgreSQL
8) IBM UniVerse
9) IBM Unidata
10) Progress
11) FireBird
12) Interbase
13) Paradox
14) Ingres
15) Mimer SQL
16) Pervasive
17) SQLBase
18) Intersystems Cache
19) Teradata
20) DBMaker
21) Valentina
22) Excel
23) Access
24) Visual FoxPro
25) SQLite
26) FileMaker
27) Sharepoint (Document lists and libraries)
28) SAP
29) IBM AS/400

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