Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Project Houston CTP and Microsoft Quadrant

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Today Microsoft declared CTP1 of project code-named "Houston". Almost everyone who keeps their tab on SQL Azure would be aware of this news. By definition, Project Houston is a web-based silverlight interface managed and hosted in Azure data centers, and it facilitates access and management of SQL Azure data and databases. More about the same can be read from this blog post on SQL Azure Team blog. Jamie Thomson has generously shared credentials which can be used to connect to a SQL Azure database using project "Houston", and the same can be read from here.

Regarding the user interface of project Houston, I feel a scaled down reflection of the tool "Quadrant" which is a part of SQL Server Modeling Services. The user interface is pretty basic as of now, but if the user interface can be made similar to Quadrant, I feel that it would be a great way to browse data from SQL Azure than giving it just the SSMS style of user interface. I was very impressed with the UI of Quadrant, and as project Houston is a silverlight based tool, it has the potential to go much ahead than the traditional grid or windows like user interface for browsing / managing data and/or databases.

Those who are not aware of what is Quadrant and how it looks like, they can go through an article which I authored on the same from here.

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