Sunday, July 25, 2010

Missing equivalent of Deployment Server Edition property in SSIS

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I believe that if anything has to become the best, it cannot evolve straight right in the first phase of evolution. SSIS has evolved nicely from 2005 version to 2008 version, and has filled most of the gaps that were present in the older version. But still I feel that to take SSIS to the next level, there are a few features that can be appreciated and borrowed from other products too.

One such feature is the "Deployment Server Edition" project property of SSAS. In SSAS, if your development edition of the product is different from your target deployment edition, in BIDS when you are working on an SSAS project, this is a unique property that helps you with this issue. If you activate this property, then in case if you are using a higher version of the product for development for ex. Enterprise edition, and your target deployment may be a Standard Edition, this property would stop you from using features in your development environment that are not a part of your deployment edition.

To the best of my knowledge, any such equivalent property is not available in the SSIS project development environment in BIDS. So in case if I am developing using Enterprise edition of SSIS and I might use Fuzzy components like Fuzzy Lookup and when I deploy it on a Standard edition, the package would fail and I would discover that I have used a feature of Enterprise edition. Till any such equivalent is not available in SSIS, this is one point that should be kept on your SSIS package unit test list.

If you want to compare features by editions for all the services and features available in SQL Server, the best link for the same is here.

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