Wednesday, May 19, 2010

SSIS Performance Testing , Measurement and Optimization Video Tutorials

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SSIS package development is not that challenging, as is the tuning of performance. Performance is one such topic that everyone thinks only after the entire solution is built of the physical design starts getting implemented. Pre measuring implementation strategies for performance measurement and performance testing, is one of the most undervalued aspect in a ETL development life cycle. Data Flow is the main task which takes the helm of data movement in a SSIS package, and hence the optimization of Data Flow itself, which acts as a container for the transforms within it, is very important. There are already abundant of websites, blogs and books filled up with tips on the same topic, but these short video tutorial (especially the measuring and understanding performance video) do have content that is not the same regular stuff and it comes from one of the senior most SSIS team members.

There are two new video tutorials on SSIS performance testing, SSIS performance measurement and SSIS performance optimization for Data Flow task, available for download on technet. Links to the same are listed below:

1) Measuring and Understanding the Performance of Your SSIS Packages in the Enterprise

2) Tuning Your SSIS Package Data Flow in the Enterprise

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