Saturday, May 22, 2010

Implement Kerberos Authentication in SSRS 2008 - Whitepaper

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One of the most implemented authentication mechanism in SSRS (in my experience) has been Windows Integrated Authentication. But this is not the only authentication mechanism available in SSRS. Kerberos Authentication is one of the another available authentication mechanism available with SSRS.

In a typical federated server environment, where one would require a challenge/response kind of authentication mechanism without passing authentication credentials over the wire, Kerberos might be an ideal choice. Especially financial domain clients implement this kind of mechanism as the nature of the industry makes this authentication mechanism more suitable from a security point of view.

Most of us (including myself) do not get many chances to configure, test and experience the implementation of this kind of authentication mechanism. Also one would not want to do a trial-error while implementing such complex authentication mechanism. Download and keep this whitepaper in your kit, and develop readiness for challenging Kerberos Authentication Implementation in SSRS 2008 for your enterprise.

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Vijayranga said...

Awesome post. Saved me a lot of trouble.

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