Saturday, May 08, 2010

Free SQL Azure Videos and Guide

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Free downloads of developer resources is one of the most sought after thing in any technology. Not to mention anyone is specific, but I have even seen many sites posting lots of free content for download like Free SQL Server 2008 Book / Ebook and Trial download of SQL Server 2008 and other such contents, which pumps up their readership exponentially. But when you see the stats of pure technical content that is posted free on such sites, it would be shocking to know that it would have comparatively far lesser hits. And nope, I am not discussing about my blog, neither I am trying to discuss how to increase your sql server blog traffic nor I am going to reveal traffic stats of any community websites, but I am trying to give a viewpoint on how much crowd is after the quest of knowledge and how much is after just gathering free download like books, tools and other such stuff.

I agree that I could have just posted link to the free sql azure resources without the lecture in the above paragraph, but I thought I can make you forcibly read this lecture as you too came for free stuff on my blog :) So below is the prize for visiting my blog.

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