Monday, May 10, 2010

Free SQL Server Ebook : Defensive database programming with SQL Server

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It's been raining free content and resources for SQL Server these days. Every next day when I think I would blog about a technical topic and I get hit by a new free resource on SQL Server, good enough to make me hold my technical post and blog about this free content. Today it's the favourite food for developers, a free ebook on SQL Server.

Most people look out for interview questions and answers ebooks to cross technical interviews. In my views, if you really want to cross a technical interview, read such books and check yourself whether you are up-to-date with your concepts and viewpoints by matching it with the viewpoint and guidelines presented in such books. I have not read this entire book completely, as the moment I came to know about this book, I took a 10-15 min glance of this book and made up my mind to blog about it. It's a nice ebook and the subject is relevant itself to reveal what the book is about. For dummies, this book mostly discusses how NOT to do database programming from a long and/or short term vision. Book contains many code examples which is like a feast for SQL Developers. Click here to download this book.

Reference: SQL Aloha

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