Thursday, February 18, 2010

SSIS Package not supported as a data source in SQL Server Reporting Services ( SSRS ) 2008 R2

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In SSRS 2005 version, I worked a lot on the SSIS and SSRS area. One of the interesting application where both of these technologies worked hand-in-hand was using SSIS package as a data source for SSRS report datasets. With the SQL Server 2008 R2 (I am using the Nov CTP), SSIS Data rendering extension is not supported as a data source for SSRS !! This comes as a disappointment to me, thou there are means suggested on how to enable the same.

If you browse BOL for the same topics, you would find a Note that says "The SSIS data processing extension is not supported. This data processing extension is a non-production feature that is off by default. Using the SSIS data processing extension on a production server is not recommended at this time. If you choose to enable the feature and use it on your report server, be aware that at run time, the package will be processed under the security identity of the Report Server Windows service account or the Report Server Web service account. This has implications on how you secure the data sources that the package accesses."

Due to this move those applications that are using this feature would break in SQL Server 2008 R2 version. We can just hope that this would get fixed by the time R2 version is released in May. If not then we need to report it on Connect as a feature request and wait for some service-pack rain to bring this feature back to SSRS. Also I am confused by the point that if we can enable it and get it running, but it's not supported. If that is the case, it should not be made available at all in the release itself when it's not classified in the deprecated or to-be deprecated feature list.


Prasad said...

I am able to get it working on sql server 2008 sp1 and runs fine when you preview the report thru BIDS but as soon as I deploy it on report manager., it fails . have no clue why

Siddharth Mehta said...

I am able to get it running on both. You would soon see my article on the same subject.

sobenavi said...

Please post how support ssis package as data source in reporting services; i try everything its working in BIDS but when deploy to server fail.. i dont know what to do, give me an idea

Siddharth Mehta said...

Please read this article of mine, which should help to solve your issue:

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