Friday, February 19, 2010

Considerations for opting Dundas Dashboards against Performancepoint

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Recently I got a query from one of my blog reader which is the topic of this post. I thought of posting it on this blog, for the review from a greater audience. Below are my 1st level thoughts on the same. Feel free to correct me on the same, as these are just my views and not verified facts.

1) Developer expertise with dundas object model is a big concern and blocking factor in speedy and efficient development. Your team would be able to make it but cannot guarantee efficient development and in case of an issue, it would always be a debate whether it's a limitation with product or developer bug.

2) Most of the visual components are based on Silverlight, and scripting would require development team to learn object model for the same.

3) SSRS already has got now Dundas chars and graphs, so just dashboard part of it makes sense for use.

4) Performance impact - You need to develop a few POCs to make out if these components dump out lot of html or huge images like what Infragistics does. Should not be the case as Silverlight is supposed to be a thin client support, but still its a question.

5) If these are planned to be shared over a tool like Sharepoint for collaboration, these components would be treated as just another ActiveX components. Also if you plan to use sharepoint, PPS is already a part of sharepoint 2010.

6) I cannot comment from a pricing point of view, but Dundas Dashboards would come more economic than Sharepoint 2010. Also both cannot be compared as both are totally different areas, and PPS cannot be extracted out from Sharepoint 2010 though this may be your only requirement.

Dundas may definitely win over pricing, but over a technical tug-of-war, the same cannot be guaranteed.


Anonymous said...


I'm work as BI Consultant and have many experience in dashboard project. I want to ask you what is the benefit of using performancepoint services than the other dashboard designer tool like Datamicron Performa or Dundas Dashboard ? this is realy big question for me, because we know that if we compare the appearance of performancepoint services dashboard and Datamicron Performa or Dundas Dashboard, we can say that appearance of performancepoint services dashboard are not so fancy like the other. My client also choose the other more than performancepoint services because of it. can you answer my big question ? thanks

Anonymous said...

I am starting to work on a BI project where we already have the cube, but now we have to decide which dashboard tool to use. We have already done a few things on PPS, but I don't like the fact that Sharepoint is compulsory and thus having to make client buy an expensive Sharepoint licence. Although features like Decomposition Tree are quite nice, overall I found that there is room for improvement regarding its outdated UI. Dundas on the other hand does not require Sharepoint, and although more work is required to get a fully interactive Dashboard running, its impressive UI together with features like mashups will have me choose Dundas over PP as part of a web-based BI solution.

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