Tuesday, October 11, 2011

SQL Azure Federation Architecture Solution

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Federations is one of the most effective aspect of any architecture design, which basically provides de-centralization of operations, effectively providing parallelism, scalability, de-coupling and multi-tenancy. Cloud has become a dominant platform for any kind of architectures, and federations on the cloud for multi-tenant solutions are even more interesting and challenging. In Microsoft parlance, this would translate to SQL Azure Federations. A lot of reference material is already available on the same, so I would not go into explaining the same again. Below are some very useful links that answers some very important questions like:

What are Federations ?
What is Federation Architecture ?
What kind of solutions can use Federation Architecture ?
How to scale an application with SQL Azure Federations ?
Sample application using SQL Azure Federations for multi-tenant solution
Data Migration on SQL Azure Federation

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