Monday, August 29, 2011

Azure Design Patterns

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I have been very busy these days with personal matters, and have not been able to extract time for blogging. I apologize to my readers for the same. Microsoft Azure cloud environment is a rapidly growing cloud platform. With the release of Hadoop connectors for SQL Server, support for Hadoop implementations and Azure Table Storage, Azure provides a reasonable support for unstructured data which is going to be the need of the future. But along with this one more area is growing largely that churns our lot of business and effectively lot of data too - Social Media.

Microsoft has newly released Windows Azure Toolkit for Social Games version 1.0. Integration with social media has become a necessity for almost every other sizable organization today. LinkedIn is one of the best examples where organizations are trying to hook in the social connections of employees for a more intelligent recruitment. Going social is one of the best moves by Azure team.

Azure is classified more from a compute and storage criteria, but from different perspectives of development if would make sense to categorize it into more detailed criteria. When you speak of development, design pattern eventually comes into picture, thou in database world it is used less compared to application world. Buck Woody has put up a very nice website to study these design patterns, and I feel its definitely worth checking out. Its called Azure Design Patterns.

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Anonymous said...


I understand the fact of moving data from SQL Server to Hadoop/Hive using the connectors and then move out Large data handling to Hadoop but how much the data movement from Hadoop to SQL is practical given the large amounts and unstructured nature of data being used for processing in Hadoop.

Can you please throw your thoughts on this?

Phani Subnivis.

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