Sunday, July 31, 2011

Infographics in a BI Solution

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These days my interests have been converging a lot on subjects related to extracting BI from unstructured data. Editing a few properties, learning a few functions, developing few queries for faster data access, authoring colorful reports and more tasks like these make many professionals feel so accomplished that they no more feel to broaden their horizons. In my personal opinion, such are good for professionals whose scope are limited to being product practitioners / testers / salesmen / market makers (I mean evangelists). I am sure that those who envision the world of IT, find these limits too short to contain their potential. Enough of thought work, lets get back to business.

Have you ever thought that if you would try to transform unstructured data into semantic data, and intend to report the same data, how would you report it? SSRS Reports are generally used for operational reporting and Dashboards are generally used to performance monitoring and measurement, know as CPM (Corporate Performance Measurement). But for example, when you try to structure data from a source like Wikipedia which is completely unstructured data, create intelligent structures to mine data, and intend to report the same, what would be the ideal way to report the same. In my viewpoint, intelligence extracted out of such data, can be effectively reported using Infographics. If you generally watch some Infographics gallery, you might find some dilbert kind of cartoon symbolizing some meaning. But Infographics are a very powerful way of reporting and gives you the flexibility to report data in a way that no dashboard / visualization can deliver.

Don't believe me ? Below is an example. Study it carefully and you would become a fan of Infographics. Data mined from unstructured data source can very well generate content to extract intelligence reported in the below infographic.

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Mike Bosch said...

Good Graphic Image.

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