Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Free SSAS tutorial : End to End, Step by Step with Exercise

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SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) - This technology is considered one of the most challenging and most valued skills in the microsoft parlance. The reason for being challenging is the very nature of OLAP is multi dimensional. Professionals working on the database or administration side are used to think in two dimension i.e. rows and columns in tabular structures. SQL is designed for two dimensional structures. But as soon as you enter OLAP territory from OLTP territory, the first challenge for professionals from a relational background is to break the shackles of two dimensional thinking and empty your mind. You need to develop the state when you did not knew what a database meant.

Its not as easy to do as it is to state, but still its achievable. If you aspire to be a Business Intelligence professional, you need to start to add a different dimension to the way you think and analyze data. Dimensional Modeling, Cube Design, MDX, KPI, Dashboards, Analytical Charts, Graphs and Gauges, Self Service BI - this would be the landscape of your world in BI. It might sound very confusing and you might not even be knowing the meaning or full form of the abbreviations, but if you intend to make an entry into BI, you need to start with your baby steps somewhere.

Coming to the point, I have authored a complete end-to-end basic tutorial on SSAS and it can be read from here. What is so special in this tutorial that you should read it and not any other book that explains SSAS from scratch ? Very obvious question, and the answer is if you had any idea of what is SSAS and which book you should read, you would not be reading this post till here. If you are still reading this means that you either have an interest in learning SSAS as you are completely fresh to it, or you intend to refresh your fundamentals. Also if you are seasoned with SSAS feel free to review my draft and share your opinions. This tutorial is crafted from my experience of working with professionals who have made their migration from SQL Developer / DBA background to SSAS eventually. I am not claiming that its easy, but this tutorial can give you the launchpad to develop a vision of where you want to head on, which book you want to buy after understanding what is SSAS, whether SSAS interests you enough to make a migration to the BI world, etc. And final thing, its FREE.

I would like to invite you to take a glance at this tutorial, and I would be glad if it helped you in anyways. Feel free to share your opinions or comments by either dropping me an email or commenting on this post.


Pravin Patel said...

Thanks Siddharth,

It is really good blog post... I regularly read your blog post and recommend others to read it...

Keep it up....

Pravin Patel.
Navi Mumbai.

Ramya said...

I am impressed by reading ur site.It is very interesting and informative....

keep it up....

Anonymous said...

Today i bookmarked your blog and its really interesting;
i am reluctantly trying to dive in MS BI although i have enough experience in MS databases.

just starting to read on you article on SSAS basics.

Good work keep it up.

Karthik said...

I am new to SSAS..Your blog is really informative. It would help any one to kick start their learning into SSAS

Anonymous said...

I like the way you put it...keep posting....thank you.

GirishChhatani said...

Thanks Siddharth

Nice job dude Keep it up.

Girish Chhatani

gopi said...

Nice Work Sidharth :)

Could i have the whole tutorial as a pdf format


Anonymous said...

Hi Siddharth,

It will be really helpful if you can share the tutorial in doc or pdf format.


Damodar Patle said...

I am damodar patle DBA but i read this block is very good for ur from performance side on ssrs service's.
Good One

Regards & Thanks '
Damodar Patle

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