Thursday, February 17, 2011

Fast Track Data Warehouse 3.0 - Implementation, Tools, and Planning

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Fast Track Data warehouse (FTDW) 3.0 got announced a few days back. After reading the official announcement, some of the points which made me happy were:

1) Now partners are encouraged and enabled to create their own flavor of reference architectures. When you let businesses come out with their own creativity / business differentiators, you build an ecosystem of partner businesses attached to your product. This effectively gives your product more strength to survive in a competitive environment.

2) ISVs like WhereScape has already come up with a solution supporting Fast Track Data Warehouse. I interpret this announcement as WhereScape has developed tools and/or software to develop and/or maintain FTDW.

3) The business division to which I belong - Avanade, along with other system integrators are offering services for FTDW.

4) FTDW home page shares useful tools for planning like Fast Track 3.0 System Sizing Tool, Fast Track 3.0 Schema Wizard and more.

When you deep dive in the technical details, many of these documents would look like a typical matrix screen saver to your brain. But the reason for the same is that, without having experience of being involved in a real-time implementation or with almost no background of storage systems, it's hard to plan the configuration of FTDW.

At least what you can do is study reference architectures, and keep the tools in your repository for any future use. FTDW is not a very common implementation, and it's perfectly normal to get confused with it at the first sight. Probably what industry demands is a book on FTDW !

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