Monday, February 07, 2011

Download free SQL Server Tools for SQL development, data inspection and schema analysis

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My experience have always been that a developers best friends are his debugging and development tools and books. The worst enemies of a developer are his ignorance and lack of discipline in keeping oneself updated with the pace of evolution in technology. Platforms like Codeplex and SQL Server community is like a boon to developers. You would not find every platform / environment pampering enough where you would find tools to help you in your assignments, as generally every automation comes for a price.

We already know some of the famous free SQL Server tools / utilities / add-ins like BIDSHelper, SSMS Tools Pack, RSScripter, SQL Search, Internals Viewer for SQL Server and a few free tools from Idera. A fresh stock of new FREE promising tools are joining the bandwagon. Atlantis Interactive is offering a set of free SQL Server tools that supports SQL Development, Schema Dependency Analysis and Data Store Analysis. These tools are:

1) SQL Everywhere
2) Schema Inspector
3) Data Inspector
4) Data Space Analyser
5) Data Surf
6) Schema Surf

Qure is a product available from DBSophic that caters database performance analysis and tuning in their own unique way. Following the footsteps of Red-Gate they too have come out with a free Trace Analyzer and the same can be downloaded from here. Offering free tools / books to the developer community is a trend that product vendors follow to promote their brand and Line of Business applications, and it helps developers to make their life easy. I am not of the opinion that this is any kind of service to the community, but it's strategic business promotion that works symbiotically for vendors and clients.

Reference: Aaron's Blog

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Raj Patel said...

I will also suggest T4S's Stored Procedure Generator which saves tons of time of generating and executing stored procedures.

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