Monday, January 24, 2011

I joined Accenture

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Today I joined Accenture Services Pvt Ltd in the capacity of Associate Manager in the Avanade division at Mumbai location, and would be continuing to deliver on Microsoft Business Intelligence platform. I had been working till date as a Senior Consultant with Capgemini and the roles and responsibilities were scoped till that level.

I am sure that in my present capacity as an Associate Manager, there would be lot more new challenges, new opportunities and much more technical interaction than ever. As a part of growing up, you work with different organization in your career, and each organization add a lot to your maturity as a professional. I am thankful to Capgemini for it's contribution to my career, and all those friends and colleagues with whom I used to interact, can still continue to do the same, through this blog and my personal email id: In scenarios like this, you see the main advantage of having a blog, which acts as a global gateway for people to reach you and keep your communications live with the outer world, irrespective of your geographical location or professional positioning.

If you are my colleague from Accenture, and would like to interact with me, I would be glad and more than happy to do so. You can reach me on my personal email id, or you can send me your official contact details on my personal id, and once I have the employee services available from office, I would add you to my contact list from office communicator.


Raguram said...

All the best sir. I have been following your blog religiously for the past few months. Please continue writing :)

owen said...

Congratulations, Siddharth! I'm sure that you will be amazing. Best wishes on the new opportunity!

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