Saturday, January 08, 2011

Book on SQL Azure - Reviewed by Siddharth Mehta

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Packt Publishing generously provided me an opportunity in the past year to be part of a book on SQL Azure titled "Microsoft SQL Azure Enterprise Application Development", in the role of Technical Reviewer. I am very passionate about cloud based business intelligence, and MS BI on the cloud is one of my favourite topics. This book became available at stores in Dec 2010. As I have been a part of this project, I can confirm one thing, this book is worth every penny. I am not trying to sell the book, but as I have been a part of this project in a deep technical role, I had the opportunity to have a thorough analysis of the subject when the book was in drafts. If you are looking out for a book on SQL Azure plus a decent starting lessons on Windows Azure, this book is definitely for you. Book doesn't expect any level of maturity on cloud and you can start from zero and reach at least intermediate level at the end of this book. In case if you have/had procured the book and had a chance to go through the book, please feel free to share your view with me.

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