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Azure Books - Windows Azure Book and SQL Azure Book : Review

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In cloud dictionary, Azure in considered a union of SQL Azure and Windows Azure platform. Cloud platforms are a very buzzing choice for almost every kind of business. A cloud based platform proposed directly by Microsoft with potentially promising integration features for .NET as well as SQL i.e. application as well as database is one of the must try choice, even if industry leaders like Amazon EC2 are available. I myself have been a part of the book "Microsoft SQL Azure: Enterprise Application Development", in the capacity of one of the official technical reviewers.

Recently I have been engaged by Packt Publishing, to provide an open review of the book "Microsoft Azure: Enterprise Application Development". Shortly I would provide my review after reading this book completely. There are not many books in market today on Azure platform, and these books can be helpful to anyone who intend to start from zero knowledge on Azure platform. Azure is quite mature today from the time it went RTM, and those who are yet to parse the dictionary meaning of Azure in the parlance of cloud, this is very high time one should pick up a book to get a procedural education of Azure platform. Below are the links to these books.


I have been very late in sharing the review as my new job keeps me quite busy, so I have not been able to spend time on this item. Below is the review of the book "Microsoft Azure: Enterprise Application Development".

This book is almost of the same flavor as the SQL Azure book. Each chapter explain a different topic followed by a working example with step-by-step explanation. Certain topics like Web role, Worker role, Monitoring and Analytics, Table & Blob storage etc are very important topics from a Windows Azure perspective and those are reasonably well covered. I would have liked more depth in these chapters, but the chapter provides more references for curious minds who wish to dig more deeper in any particular topic. All-in-all I feel that this is the best start-up handbook for professionals who are fresh to Windows Azure environment and intend to come up to speed on Windows Azure environment.

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Uli said...

Hi Siddharth.

Nice review. Thanks.

I found the following SQL Azure books to be useful as well

Pro SQL Azure

Windows Azure Step by Step

Programming Windows Azure: Programming the Microsoft Cloud


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