Tuesday, October 12, 2010

MS BI POC and SQL Azure POC for better ROI on future projects

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In my views, POCs ( Proof Of Concepts ) is a very versatile way of creating and promoting business, especially for vendors and solution providers. There was a very interesting article on POCs on BeyeNetwork some days back, that talked about how decisions based on limited scoped POCs can be catastrophic for an enterprise.

If POCs are carried out with a viewpoint of extracting results that can be translated into patterns / benchmarks that can catalyze agile and/or economic BI solution development methodology as well as provide avenues for appliance / product development, such POCs have a very high probability of an assured Return On Investment (ROI) against the investments done for conducting such POCs. For example, MDX is quite a complex query language, and developers need time and experience to master the same. If templates or CLR class libraries are created using ADOMD.Net and MDX, same can be reused via template explorer in SSMS and .Net application development, which can effectively boost up the development process and reduce the learning curve. This is very similar to DAX available in Powerpivot. Also if such libraries are developed with a broad vision in mind, it can be promoted as a off-the-shelf component. And I am sure that the ROI would be exponentially more compared to investments.

Below is a brief list of few such POCs, which has the potential to provide a very high ROI, provided it's carried out with a vision and target in mind.

1) SaaS solution development methodology using MS BI Stack and SQL Azure
2) Pattern development for synchronizing in-premise SQL Server and SQL Azure
3) Plugging / Integrating Cloud gateway tools at different phases of BI lifecycle
4) Economic BI solution development using SQL Azure / SQL Express , SSRS and Sharepoint Foundation 2010
5) MDX Script library in compiled / script format
6) Pattern development for economic cloud database (SQL Azure) consumption in BI and application development projects
7) Pattern development for Inter cloud integration and multi cloud incorporation into MS BI projects for provider-dependency free cloud consumption in MS BI projects.

I am not claiming that these are the best ones, but I can say that these are the best ones in my mind.

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