Friday, September 17, 2010

Strategy Maps Tutorial

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Strategy Maps are one of the constituent elements of a dashboard solution. Development of the same starts in Visio, and then those maps are used in a dashboard developed using PPS. As a MS BI professional, we are generally aware of SQL Server and the extension of our knowledge reaches out to Sharepoint. But when the question comes of Visio, most of us would throw our hands in air. Data driven strategy maps working in sync with other scorecard elements can steal the show compared to a traditional dashboard with a few KPIs and a graph. With visio services introduced in Sharepoint 2010, this experience is made more smooth, easier and appealing.

Visio Team has published an article on how to create a strategy map using containers, and it's definitely worth checking out. This article can be read from here.

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thomas said...

THe same (and even more) can be done inside Excel with the free add-in BeGraphic

You can download it for free at

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