Friday, August 13, 2010

Difference between QlikView and Powerpivot , is it Mobile Business Intelligence ?

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Qlikview is one of the fastest growing product in terms of self-service business intelligence. I felt the need to compare and technically evaluate the differences between QlikView and Powerpivot. There are two very important articles that explains the comparison between these two products. One is authored by Donald Farmer titled "QlikView from a Powerpivot standpoint" and the other is by Darren Kerfoot "Microsoft's new Powerpivot from a QlikView standpoint". Though more or less, both of these products offers similar set of services, one difference that caught my attention was Qlikview's support for mobile business intelligence.

Before you read ahead, below is an interesting comic strip from Dilbert, that I think would fit the theme.
Companies who are acting as solution providers to their end clients, often need to provide BI application and services on mobile devices, and the target users can be business leadership as well as power users. And if your product has no support for mobile business intelligence when other competitors are flaunting their demos on IPads, IPhones and Blackberrys to CEOs and CIOs, it can be a big concern to worry.

In the similar way, it might sting a little when you announce that you are not / never going to provide business intelligence delivery on mobile devices. Major providers of Business Intelligence products / solutions have already started supporting delivery of BI reporting and access of BI solutions on mobile devices, for example SAP BusinessObjects Mobile , Microstrategy 9 Mobile , IBM Cognos 8! Go Mobile. Presently in my knowledge, there is almost no significant support for mobile business intelligence in Micorsoft BI Stack. I am sure Microsoft must be having it's eyes on this growing requirements or rather I would say growing market. Accelerators like Roambi can still be used to extend the reach of SQL Server based BI solutions on mobile devices.

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