Sunday, July 11, 2010

SSIS Synchronous Script transformation is missing output paths enumerator

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Everyone knows what is a Script Transformation in SSIS. You make the output synchronous by configuring SynchronousInputID and ExclusionGroup property. Upon setting this properties, when you edit the script, you would find DirectRowTo[OutputPath] method available in the script for the Row object. Everything is okay till here, but the real issue comes now.

Till I want to redirect the row to a particular output path, you have one method per output path. But if I intend to route the row to all the output paths, we do not have any enumerator readily available for enumerating output paths which I can use for this purpose (to the best of my knowledge). In my views, there should be a collection implementing the IEnumerator and/or IEnumerable interface, and the same can be used in a loop without requiring the need to code for each and every output path. .NET folks should be knowing this very well, however DB / BI folks those who are not well versed with .NET programming might find this alien.

Still it's not a show stopper. Simple workaround is to create a function and code it once there. Use the same function wherever you need to direct rows to all outputs. When a new path is added, just modify the function, instead of modifying the code at individual places. I would still wish that this enumerator should be made available. Do you also think so ?

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