Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Certification for Spatial Development using Bing Maps

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I came across a very interesting Microsoft certification, which I think can be a very boosting value addition to your spatial intelligence skills. Generally we come across certifications about an entire product or a programming language, but rare often we come across certification on just a control / component. I think I would stop my usual habit of talking in riddles, and I would come straight now.

70-544 is a new certification titled "Bing Maps Platform, Application Development". Details of the skills measured for this exam can be viewed from here. Below are the higher level points:
  • Retrieving Location Solution Data
  • Analyzing Location Data
  • Displaying Location Solution Data
  • Administering Your Location Platform
  • Manipulating the Map
  • Creating and Customizing the Map Display

Though this exam is driven towards Bing Maps development from application development perspective as per the description of the exam, but I see a different angle to it. In SSRS 2008 R2, Bing Maps control has been introduced. Most of what can be done programatically can be done using properties in the Map control. There might be situations where you might require more customizing than the Map control supports, and you might want to plug this in your PPS dashboard on sharepoint.

I have done some level of Bing Maps application development for R & D purposes, and in my experience it doesn't require that much level of advanced .NET skills. Also pursuing this exam would mean that you would learn concepts like geo-coding, reverse geocoding, geo-fencing, mapping data to geographical locations and more about how to use Bing Maps to analyze, extract as well as present information / intelligence on a map in an appealing manner.

Bing Maps control in SSRS 2008 R2 is just a starting point, and I have complete hopes that it would go a long way. This track can be quite a booster to your spatial intelligence skill set in general as well as using Bing Maps from a long-term viewpoint. I am open to any conflicting views and curious to hear to same from my readers.

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