Monday, April 19, 2010

Bing Maps Server and SQL Server 2008

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Bing Maps layer or Bing Maps Webservices sounds like familiar terms, but the term that I have used in the subject line of this post "Bing Maps Server" is not a typo at all. Microsoft Virtual Earth Webserver is now known as Bing Maps Server. This is definitely a news, at least for me.

The next question which immediately strikes one's mind is what's is its use when we already have features like Bing Maps Layer in SSRS or Bing Maps Webservice for using in SSIS which I have explained in my BI-Satellite project. The answer to this is a question, can you use Bing Maps service without an Internet connection ? This server facilitates the same service for a offline or on-premise based requirements where one needs this features on a restricted or private server instead of querying data each time over the web. And this data is stored in SQL Server 2008. So this completes the circle.

An obvious question is who has got such requirements. Well, this world is quite huge and equally varied are the kind of requirements. Security agencies might not want their investigation data being tracked by some nasty hacking networks and might want to carry out their proprietary analysis within a closed premise. This product can be useful in such scenarios. BTW, this product is exclusive provided by Vexcel Corporation which states itself as the Microsoft's geospatial subsidiary.

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