Friday, March 12, 2010

Vote for feature addition to BIDS and SSMS Suggestion on Connect

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After motivation from a Microsoft SQL Server Development Team Member (Maria Balsamo), I have opened a connect request (feedback) for feature addition to BIDS and SSMS which I described in my previous article that can be read from here. This connect item can be read from here, and I suggest that if you feel appropriate, vote this connect item which can potentially result into these feature additions into the future versions or in the present version if the same gets decided to be released in some service packs.

I would also like to hear back from the community, on what you think on these suggestions of mine. Is this some crazy feature greed that has struck me, or I have given words to what most of us wish while working with BIDS and SSMS. To provide a quick summary, the feature that I have requested are as below:

1) Addition of a few VSTS 2010 features to BIDS
2) Search in the development environment of SSRS and SSIS in BIDS
3) SSMS should be added more feature for metadata management
4) Profiler for BI Deliverables
5) Design Pattern Templates for BI Projects Types in BIDS
6) Better Deployment Mechanisms in BIDS
7) Better Debugging Mechanisms for SSRS and SSAS in BIDS

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