Thursday, March 25, 2010

How to export SSIS Control Flow / Data Flow / Event Handlers to Word or PDF format

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Have you ever come across the question which is the subject of this post ? This is one of the requirement that I have come across several times in my projects till date, and before revealing much about the scenario and answer to the same, I would like to request you to take a look at one of my earlier posts where I have described some of the feature shortcomings in BIDS and SSMS.

I approached one of the popular SQL Server websites (I would keep the name anonymous) to help me create awareness and gather public opinion about the needs of these features from the developer community, but I got a denial from their side. I got a suggestion from their side to request individual blogger to help me to create awareness. I have created a Connect item to request the same from Microsoft, but most of the developers would not be browsing connect digest everyday or even once a month to take a look at feedback / suggestions / bugs and vote for / against them.

After going through the above mentioned post, if you feel that it's a valid requirement, please vote the Connect item I have created here. If you have a blog and feel like supporting my request, please blog about it so that more attention from the community can be brought to request these features from Microsoft for BIDS and SSMS.

Now coming back to the answer of the question in subject, which is the reason for which you came to this post, just browse this SSIS Forum thread to read the scenario where this feature was required by a professional and my solution for the same.

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