Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Dashboard Collection / Dashboard Gallery - Design idea for Silverlight based Dashboards

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I was going through one of the posts by Marco Russo on SQLBlog.com where a shortcoming ( Excel Paste Picture Link feature ) of Excel Services was explained, but I found a very interesting link to a Dashboard gallery from his post. If you are looking out for a chart gallery or dashboards gallery, I suggest that this is the page you should definitely check out. These dashboards are made out of Excel and a custom component called Microcharts, but this gives an idea of different designs of dashboards which can be quite useful when planning for a performancepoint dashboard design layout.

Moreover these dashboards are created out of Excel, so for Microsoft Excel Business Users this should be no less important than a clip-art gallery, as this provides a spectrum of design insight for designing various kind of Excel Dashboards. Also if your are planning for developing your Analytical Reports by using Excel Services, you should be able to design major parts of your reports similar to the different dashboards that can be found on this gallery.

If such designs are created for Dasboards that are based on Silverlight, they would have the additional advantage of an interactive look and feel. I would wish that such dashboard templates should be made available in performancepoint dashboard designer which should be based on silverlight.

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