Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Download Free SSMS Add-in to search for any text within your database objects

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I am a collector and admirer of free add-ins and I have been a admirer of SSMS Tools Pack. But after that, there are not many great add-ins available for SSMS. A handy-search is always a nice feature to have in any development environment, and even this holds true for database objects too.

SSMS Tools pack provides great features for search within the results returned by your query. But if you want to search for any particular text within your database objects, it required developing some form of scripts to query some sys tables. Redgate software has come out with a FREE SSMS ADD-IN the is very simple to use, very efficient in text search across the database server. It has a very nice GUI, much more granularity and details that what you get in SSMS search and the it's of a pretty small size (less than 3 MB) download.

I would say that this is the next best SSMS freeware utility that I have seen after SSMS Tools Pack. This add-in in called SQL Search and it's still in Beta, but final version is expected to just add some more details on the help feature, thou I don't think any help is required to learn on how to use this add-in. Download it and make your life more easy with your database development.

The only feature missing in this add-in that I would wish to have, is the ability to save this search or export the results of this search to Excel. At least it should allow to select the results from this search and copy it out. Presently it just allows to select one row at a time, so if one wants to select all the results and copy it to Excel to create an Excel report out of it, it's not possible.

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