Sunday, January 10, 2010

Data Analysis using Data Mining and Microsoft Silverlight

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I posted my first post of this year on the topic of which all technologies would be the focus of this year that would affect Microsoft Business Intelligence. One of those that I listed was Silverlight Applications that would integrate with MS BI Deliverables, and mostly they integarte with the reporting and/or dashboarding modules.

While browsing the web, I stumbled upon a very interesting web based service that provides data mining analysis capabilities, and the visualizations are too good to believe. The interesting point here is these visualizations are developed using Microsoft Silverlight. As I stated in my earlier posts that we have not yet seen a bright out-of-the-box silverlight based tools packaged with microsoft business intelligence stack, but independent vendors have already started finding an excellent use of these technologies.

The only downside of this service is that it provides analysis only over the web in the form of a web service. And one would not want to sent out an entire data warehouse over the web or analyze data of these volume using a web service. Check out yourself these fantastic product which is called Data Applied and below is one it's fantastic visualizations.

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Data Miner said...

Thank you very much for blogging about Data Applied!

It's true that we are not targeting huge data sets (we're more interested in those with at most several hundred thousand records).

However, Data Applied can also be installed on-premise to address data compliance / transfer issues. To speed up upload, our web API and web client natively supports data compression.

Thanks again!
the Data Applied team

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