Monday, November 23, 2009

My first article on - Microsoft Business Intelligence Project Booster Kit

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Today on 24-Nov0-2009, my first article has been published on And I feel extremely happy and excited about this. Many a times I get confronted by an expectation that I need to push my team towards delivery through technical expertise, by empowering them with whatever they need and thus decreasing time to delivery which can result into increased revenues.

It's not always that one himself / herself needs to be a super expert. Knowledge is always power and there's no doubt in it, but when you work in a team, you can't expect each and every team member having same level of expertise and the same speed of execution of development. So remaining within the boundaries of costs, as a team lead one needs to educate as well as facilitate oneself and team with tools and stuff that can boost up the development process and reduce time in tackling known challenges.

Microsoft Business Intelligence Project Booster Kit is my first attempt to share my experiences about a basic set of tools and documents / documenting methods which I term as "Booster Kit" that can help any development team with stuff they can use in their day to day work to help them gear their project faster directly / indirectly in the shorter / longer term at one / another phase of the project life-cycle.

If you came across my blog through my article on, please feel free to drop your valuable feedback a comment on this post. Also feel free to reach out to me on

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Pradeesh Mathew said...

Good article.. I was looking for a real Booster Kit like this.. Can you explain how to define WBS with granularity and any good tools for designing the DDS.

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