Monday, September 14, 2009

How to store files in SQL Server 2008 using ASP.NET

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Though I have left .NET behind in my career, there's still a level of affinity that I have towards it. I have been evident of situations in my career, whenever there has been a requirement of storing files at the database side, developers on either side i.e. .NET and SQL Server have been finding the easiest way to implement the same. The solution generally is to just store file path and location into database and storing files on a file server. This opens up many security holes and is also not a good practice. Another option has been to store files into a varbinary column which can make the database grow too huge.

With the induction of FILESTREAM data type in SQL Server 2008, things can be changed dramatically with the same being transparent to developers. Benefits of FILESTREAM data-type are pretty obvious, and those who are keen on discovering the way to implement the same in ASP.NET can read this article by Jacob Sebastian.

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