Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Download Free SQL Server 2005 Ebooks , Download Free SQL Server 2008 Ebooks

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RedGate has a very unique way of promoting it's product range of SQL Server tools and utilities, and I think that it's working quite well too. RedGate is giving out a free short ebook with a few of its tools, and also makes a few ebook bundles available for free on SQL Server.

This marketing strategy is keeping this company closer to the SQL Server community of professionals and also it shows how well this company has reach and insight into the product. Though I have not used many of SQL Server tools, as they are more concentrated on a DBA or Developer level of profile, and I work more onto the Business Intelligence side of SQL Server, but I am confident that they are one of the healthy market competitors.

Below is one of the EBook Bundle available for free from RedGate.

Free Ebook on DBA Best Practices (DBA_Best_Practices_ebook.pdf)
Takeaway: A kind of cramsheet of best practices for a SQL Server DBA

Free Ebook on SQL Server 2008 New Features (Brads Sure Guide to SQL Server 2008.pdf)
Takeaway: Higher level introduction to almost all the new features of SQL Server 2008 with examples

Free Ebook on Mastering SQL Server 2005 or SQL Server 2008 - Profiler Tool (Mastering Profiler eBook.pdf)
Takeaway: In depth technical content on the Profiler Tool

Free Ebook on How to be an Exceptional DBA by Brad McGehee (Exceptional DBA 2ndEd.pdf)
Takeaway: How to grow your image and career as a DBA, with complete focus on softskills

Free Ebook on SQL Server Tools and How to do with SQL Server (SQL_Server_Tacklebox_Ebook.pdf)
Takeaway: A SQL Server cookbook that shows how to use different SQL Server features and tools for different purpose

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