Monday, September 28, 2009

Different ways of importing Data into SQL Server for Data Migration

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There are many ways of importing data into SQL Server, depending upon the source from where data is to be imported. When working with legacy systems or non-relational systems like SAP, CRM applications and Mainframe systems, the source is generally text files or feeds which are in textual format. Professionals having knowledge of SSIS can import data with more fine tuning.

All the different ways of importing data, with the caveats of each of the methods are listed on an article that I found on I had the opportunity to place the issue of date conversion with Import Export wizard to the database professionals, and this post is one of the best places where this issue can get it's deserved attention. This article would be of most use specifically in a SSIS Data migration project, where you need to put all the options on the table for importing data from source to SQL Server using SSIS as a part of migration strategy.

It's a useful post and can come handy while thinking of options in the way one would want to import data during the technical design planning of any solution. The article also provides the statistics of the test results for various volumes of data with all the methodologies followed for importing the data. If the author would had specified the hardware configuration used and with a little bit change in proforma, it would had been a nice tiny whitepaper in itself. Still nice article worth reading along with comments.

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