Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Writing Test scripts for T-SQL : Tool to test T-SQL code

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Have you ever heard of "TDD in SQL Server" or "TDD in T-SQL"? If Yes, your general awareness is quite higher than me. Firstly when I heard of it, I got confused with what's TDD? Then I got it, it's Test Driven Development using SQL Server or T-SQL.

And if someone is reading my blog for a while, then you must be able to guess it right. Yes, there's a tool for testing T-SQL or in general this tool can be the starting point for TDD. This tool is called "T.S.T. The T-SQL Test Tool". I went thru the help file of this tool, but honestly speaking, I have not seen TDD with this much effort in any of my development projects till date. TDD is a nice paradigm, but in practice, in pressure projects where the timelines are tight, it's not generally feasible to go thru this paradigm, especially when one is expected to deliver 10 medium to complex SP's per developer per day. It can also be said, that I have not yet got a chance to get familiar with this paradigm of development in T-SQL.

The project description as posted on the tool site says: "TST is a tool that simplifies writing and running automated tests for code written in T-SQL. At the heart of the TST tool is the TST database. This database contains a series of stored procedures that represent a test API. Part of this API is similar with those found in Unit Testing libraries familiar to programmers in C# or Java."

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