Tuesday, May 12, 2009

SQL Server 2008 R2 - Official release of Microsoft SQL Server version code-named Kilmanjaro

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I was under the impression / information that SQL Server 2010 is the codename of SQL Server 2010. Microsoft has finally raised the curtain on this speculation. The official release of Microsoft SQL Server 2008 version code-named Kilmanjaro is SQL Server 2008 R2. The details of this release can be found on it's official page.

There are many striking enhancements in this release. When I opened it's official page, I was looking out for BI capabilites in this release. Project Gemini features looks like the replacement of Monitoring and Analysis module of Performancepoint. And the main USP of the release, as per my views would be Master Data Services which I feel is the microsoft's offering of MDM.

Below is an excerpt of Master Data Services from the site page:

Master Data Hub
Improve the Quality of Your Data

  • Centralized approach to defining, deploying, and managing master data
  • Ensure reporting consistency across systems and deliver faster more accurate results across the enterprise
  • Serves both BI and operational requirements and improve the quality and efficiency of data and processes for all systems
  • Enables organizations to track versions of master data to answer questions about master data at a specific point in time
  • Supports integration through a Services (WCF) API, business rules, workflow, notification, and hierarchy management

Stewardship Portal
Improve the Quality of Your Data

  • Central portal to create, edit and update master data master including members and hierarchies
  • Enables direct stewardship and ensures data quality by enforcing business rules and managing supporting domains
  • Enables model administrators to upload data, review validation status, manage data versions, develop models, copy versions of models and define the structure of hierarchies

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