Thursday, March 26, 2009

Data Source View Internals : SSIS Package behavior with Data Source View

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After you add a connection manager that references a data source object to a package, any data flow component in the package can use the data source view to define sources and destinations. Transformations that use reference tables such as the Lookup transformation can also use data source views.

The following data flow components can use data source views:

OLE DB Source

Lookup Transformation

Fuzzy Lookup Transformation

Term Lookup Transformation

OLE DB Destination

SQL Server Destination

There is no dependency between a data source view and the packages that reference it. When you use a data source view in a package, the view definition is added to the package definition in the pertinent data flow component property. For example, in a package that includes a Lookup transformation, the view—a SELECT SQL statement—is stored in the sqlCommand property of the Lookup transformation. Even if a data source view is no longer part of the project, the package continues to be valid because the SQL representation of the data source view is saved in the package definition.

Reference: Excerpt from MSDN BOL


Anonymous said...

Siddharth, may i pick your brain please. I have created a Data Source View and Named Query, which look ok. However, when i choose to connect to this in a Data Flow Task > OLE DB Source, it is not appearing. Have you ever come across this?? Many thanks, Paul, England

Siddharth Mehta said...

Check this thread :

Even if this thread does not help you and you still face same issue, please email me a demo solution where you can replicate this issue and I can take a look.

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