Sunday, February 01, 2009

Microsoft Business Intelligence Utilities

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Below is a list of tools and utilites, that are really very useful and handy if you work on the various areas of SQL Server 2005 or Microsoft Business Intelligence Stack in general using BIDS 2005. Search out on google for the same, and one should be easily able to find out the download location. I have used many of these in a real-time MS BI implementation directly or indirectly.
  1. BIDS Helper
  2. OLAP Pivot Table Extensions
  3. Partition Health Check
  4. RAW File reader
  5. SSAS Browser Views Add-In
  6. Proclarity Desktop Professional v6.3
  7. DB Pro
  8. BI Report Automation Publisher

In case if anyone tries to find out any of the above mentioned utility and fails to find the download location, feel free to contact me and I would either host it on my blog or publish the download location of the same on my blog.

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