Friday, May 26, 2006

SQLiMail Overview

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SQLiMail in SQL Server 2005 is a replacement of SQLMail of SQL Server 2000. It still exists in SQL Server 2005 but is only meant to be for backward compatibility only.
SQLiMail does not need: Extended MAPI, Outlook, to execute mail calls in the server process.
Also it is supported on a cluster, and it does support SMTP. In fact it uses SMTP to send e-mails. E-mails having mail-attachments can now also be sent. SQLiMail uses ServiceBroker to deliver messages to avoid blocking a stored procedure.
One of the striking feature is that it has a feature of failover accounts. Using this, it's possible to specify more than one SMTP server per profile. So in case of unavailability of the primary SMTP server, the next one can be used to deliver e-mails.

Siddharth Mehta

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