Monday, June 16, 2014

SQL Server vs MongoDB vs MySQL

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Microsoft SQL Server is one of the mainstream databases used in most operational systems built using Microsoft technology stack. One of the biggest shortcoming is the inability to support horizontal scaling / sharding. So the next logical choices that are most nearest to SQL Server would be MySQL.

In case you are looking for horizontal scaling / sharding, that would mean that you are gearing up to deal with Big Data. MongoDB is the arguably the first logical step in NoSQL world, in case if someone is considering to experiment with NoSQL to handle BigData.

At the stage, one is faced with the requirement to compare all these databases. Below is a quick comparison of these databases, with limitations highlighted in red and product strengths in blue.


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Sourabh Jain said...

Microsoft SQL & MySQL are relational systems and MongoDB is non relational.

Hence any application / platform planning to use it has to decide at very early stages if their solution is to build for what sort of data and how that data will be read for reporting/analytics.

If the data is going to be small and needs relations , go for relational systems. If the data is huge but needs relational , then go for combination of non relational (raw) + relational(aggregates).

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